Handyman  Service

Bathroom Repair

Repair or replace toilet, sink, faucet or drain

Replace a few tiles

Repair or replace towel, toilet or shower curtain holder

Replace shower head

Re grout around tub, shower or floor

Replace vanity or medicine cabinets

Repair or replace toilet stem

Replace floor saddles

Fence Repair

Replace a few fence panels or posts

chain link



Decks and Porches Repair

Repair or replace a few rotten or broken woodpieces

Paint removal and re- paint exterior wood.

Repair or replace /rails or planks

Steps and Patios Repair

Repair or replace a few bricks or render surface

Gutter Repair

Replace clamps

Clean gutters.

Foundation repair

Render cracks in foundation


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Roof Repair

Replacing few pieces of roofing shingles.

Replacing chimney Caps

Replacing pipe vent covers

Siding Repair

Replace a few pieces of vinyl, aluminum, and wood siding

Replace a few exhaust vent covers

Replace a few pieces of soffit.

Window Repair

Replace a window

Repair or replace fly Screens

Repair or Replace rotten wood around window

Repair or Replace window lock.

Caulk and seal around window.

Door Repair

Replace knobs or hinge

Plane exsisting door to close properly

Drywall and Painting Repair

Patch a hole in the wall or ceiling

Remove panels and spackle wall to perfection

Paint a small room or spot in ceiling

Floor repair

ceramic tiles

vinyl tiles


hard wood


Kitchens Repair

Repair or replace cabinets, knobs, hinges, doors or shelves

Re-caulk around counter top.

Faucet or drain/ repair or replace

Repair or replace a few electrical outlets or switch

Replace sink or garbage disposal.

Run new water line to refrigerator or dishwasher

Refinishing cabinets

Repair or replace a light fixture

Repair or replace molding

install new back splash